Using technology to bring us together

Collaboration is key to delivering rail projects in line with crucial deadlines. It also provides better results.

This is the reason why we encourage the use of 3D modelling and the BIM process on our project design journey. Our ‘cradle to grave’ approach of 3D laser and point cloud scanning and use of BIM allows us to 3D-visualise a building project in a way that helps architects, structural engineers and construction teams to work together on a single dynamic representation of the end result. It saves on cost, time and inefficiency whilst giving you and your stakeholders a common, easy to interpret visual language.

It encourages early engagement and allows all parties to see what the result of design changes will be, simulating the complex delivery phase long before ground has been broken.

Crucially, this data can then be taken by the owner of the facilities and used for its long-term management, should they choose to do so. We see this potential of BIM as largely untapped in the rail sector and are actively looking to promote and support our end clients with this aspect.

Our BIM models are created using industry standard software, including Autodesk Building Design Suites (which includes AutoCAD/Revit MEP), Microstation and AecoSim.

3D model of piping

Our Engineering, 2D and 3D Modelling teams are fully competent in providing you with a BIM Level 2 approach which includes:

  • 3D Point Cloud Scanning
  • Modelling
  • Calculations
  • Simulation
  • Analysis
  • Project timeline

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